Online presence refers to all the activity and content that you and your business place on the internet. This includes accounts, assets, interactions, and any pieces of information created by you and your business.

Many small businesses and startups create a website and a Facebook profile, they assume that they control the online presence of their business. However, an ‘online presence is more than just a website and social media page;

Your own online presence is everything you have created such as your content, your website, and also the advertising and marketing you have used to promote your business. But there is an earned online presence, which is what people say about you. It can be on any platform that people choose to talk about you and your business. This includes likes, tweets, Quora answers, video reviews, Google reviews, online directories, etc. In the early stages of a company’s online development, your online presence requires special attention and time to deal with reviews, frustrated or angry users, prospects with questions, or even competitors.

By not monitoring your online presence, you can put your business at risk. Your online presence is all about communication that you can not completely control and you have to constantly monitor. By actively monitoring your online presence you will be able to provide the customer service that new and old customers demand.

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