Online Business is king

when it comes to serious revenue potential. A poorly thought out website or blog becomes meaningless as soon as organic traffic stops, which is usually caused by content not being added to the site on a consistent basis. Blogs become pages from an encyclopedia as soon as you stop blogging. Websites become online books that can not be found in a library of millions.

Build it and they will come”

does not work online. This is one of the major mistakes Offline (brick & mortar) business fail to understand when setting out online. Offline business are all about location location location, where the crowds are, while online business are all about content content and content. People online want content, they find content through search engines such as Google or through social media such as facebook.

So what is content? Most people think content is only an article or blog. An article is one form of content but if you look into the Google or facebook algorithms you find that content is classified as articles, videos, pictures or a combination of the two or three.

Thinking a little out of the box

classified ads with or without pictures is content, gas prices that change daily is content, the weather report is content, and it carries on to almost anything that is created and is unique or new.

So how do you make a website or blog an Online Business? – Content, and why content? Because content is one factor that drives traffic to your website. With more traffic – the more sales – the more money you make, which is the reason you started an Online Business.

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Content Is King