When adding an online presence to your business it’s going to cost you both time and money, which is inversely proportional to each other, the more time you put into building your online presence the less it’s going to cost. This also holds true for the ongoing advertising or marketing of your online presence, the more time you put into marketing the less it’s going to cost. Businesses usually lump together initial building costs with ongoing advertising costs when creating their presence. Think of your online presence as a new digital marketing medium for your business, which is broken down into your digital sales department and your digital advertising department.

Your sales department for your online presence is broken down by platforms you have constructed. The suggested minimum number of platforms you should start with is three, but more can be added when the first platforms are mastered. Our suggested platforms to start are; Google, Facebook, and a website, as Google and Facebook are the two largest platforms in their sectors, Search Engine and Facebook for Social Media, plus you can use them for FREE. A professional website is required as your business owns the website, which gives you the ability to represent your business in the best possible way, while informing, presenting, and or selling your products and or services. – see the pricing chart below.

Ongoing Costs

After creating your digital sales department now you will have to use these platforms to create two-way traffic, to and from each platform, which is your advertising. All your FREE advertising can start from your website, as this is your sales page that gives potential customers the information they are looking for, trust, and legitimizes your business. Your website should have one final objective in mind for that customer to do, to either call you now, send you a question and or buy the product or service now.

Paid marketing is split again by paying for the service by either time and or money for the management of the ads, and the actual ads will cost you a starting amount. You can hire a professional manager for your Facebook ads and also one for your Google ads, and then there is the cost of the ads that they will build and put online for a cost. You can manage your own ads for free, but remember, there will be a learning curve before reaching consistent results.

Each business has different needs and also the amount of time they can commit to each task, as for the range in costs.

This chart above shows the minimum cost for each service, prices for the same service can be offered or increased up to 3 – 5 times as shown, as customers do not look beyond an introductory price given as they may increase in the second year. Another increase in pricing depends on experience, performance, or guaranteed results. The Learn It Yourself (LIY) are minimum hours to learn the service based on actual courses you can find online. Learning times will very.

Other Costs as you do more advertising could be Landing Page(s) which are linked to an ad: the cost would be $100 – $300 per page 2-3 days design time.

We do not recommend free business websites, as your business will not be unique, professional-looking, or have proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Free websites will usually have the host’s advertisements showing up on your site, linking to another site.

Website hosts that offer website templates such as Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, Shopify, and Squarespace are good starting points, but after the second year, you could have paid more for their service than the starting cost of a professional website designer. The good thing is each of these types of sites can be redesigned onto a WordPress site for a low fee, which will save your business that ongoing monthly cost.

If you are not sure or have questions, ask a website designer or website host, they will be able to answer your questions.


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